Barış Park Wednesday Fruit & Veggie Market (Kyrenia/Girne)

(Barış – Peace – english translation)

Location –Barış park

Open – Every Wednesday from 10am – 5pm 

I am so excited that I found this colourful market which is in Kyrenia/Girne.

You can buy there:

🌿Fruit and veggies according to a season

🌿Nuts, seeds, olives, dried fruit and local delights

🌿Beans, legumes, rice, bulgur

🌿Fresh bread and spices

🌿Plants and flowers

🌿Also clothes and accessories 


How I reduce my plastic usage while shopping at the market:

😉I use my cloth produce bags (which I made by myself) for buying my veggies, fruit, nuts, beans and legumes. So far no one ever refused my own produce bag which makes me so happy.

😉For caring my produce I use my own shopping bag and backpack.


I store my beans, legumes, raisins… in a glass jars (see the pictures)

You can reuse your glass jars from a food items which you bought previously or if you don’t have any you can buy new ones. 

The food looks good when it is stored in glass jars and also you know how much you have left.

I think the sellers don’t quite understand why I use it and unfortunately I can’t explain it to them yet because I don’t speak turkish. But when I will do I can definitely say the reason behind it. I am already looking forward to it.

I only know so far (being here only for 3 weeks) how to say:

I don’t want a bag. – Poşet istemiyorum

😉If you don’t have your own cloth produce bags yet you can also reuse plastic bags from your previous purchase. Just bring them with you at the market. This way you won’t bring new plastic bags with you home and you will produce less plastic waste.

How excited is that. What do you think?

You can make such a big difference with the small changes which you make in your daily life.

🍒Have you tried to reuse your plastic bags while shopping at this market?

🍉Or have you tried to use your own cloth produce bags?

🍓Do you bring your own shopping bag with you to the market?

🍇What is your experience?

Please let me know.

If you see me at the market, please say hello. Would love to meet you.


Find out about:

🌱Why to live zero waste lifestyle

🌱My journey to zero waste lifestyle

🌱What is zero waste lifestyle


Connect with me @discover.north.cyprus

Join @our.planet.our.home on Instagram – world wide zero waste community


Wish you a lovely day



Pictures which I took at the market:

Shopping into my own produce bags

Storing my produce in the jars

Shopping using my produce bags and the seller smiling at my bag 😊

My produce bag

Carrying my own shopping bag and refusing plastic bag (I said – Poşet istemiyorum, and it worked)


Dried fruit & Nuts & Seeds

Fruit & veggies


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